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Roll Results: Are You Musical?

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Last week I asked if you guys were musical in anyway, and it turns out that most of you have dabbled in music at some time or another.  Most of you seemed to be guitar players, but there was a pretty even spread amonst the rest.  Personally I picked Bass guitar, though I also play the 6-string and did many years of piano playing when I was younger.

Here are the results!

  1. Play Guitar 183 Votes
  2. Nope! 97 Votes
  3. Play Drums 77 Votes
  4. Play Bass 53 Votes
  5. I can sing! 41 Votes
  6. Play Piano/Keyboards 26 Votes
  7. Play the Triangle 19 Votes
  8. Play Trumpet/Sax/some kind of wind instrument 16 Votes
  9. Play Violin/Cello/some other stringed instrument 6 Votes

Next Poll coming soon!

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