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Weak and Powerless Alternate Version

Nicko on Alt.Music.Tool posted that Josh Freese’s Myspace now has an alternate version of A Perfect Circles Weak and Powerless.   Josh also talks about his work with the band:

A PERFECT CIRCLE: APC has been my main priority on and off since 2000. When I say “on and off” I mean because (unlike most bands) we share a singer with another successful band. So after we do a record and a tour…instead of taking a few months off and then starting the next record….we have to take a few years off between the end of one tour and the start of the next record so Maynard can go make a record and tour for a year and a half with TOOL. We were working on the first record in 1999 but we didn’t get really busy till we got signed and went out on the road for a year solid in the spring of 2000. I believed in it enough to leave my busy session career at home and other projects for months (years really) at a time and to be away from my family and friends and “join a new band”. It’s always risky to do a new band (EVEN with a grammy award winning singer and a great record deal) but…..lucky for us, we made a cool first record, we worked hard and people listened….and seemed to like it! I like the eclectic tone of the band and the dynamics of it. I’m really proud of “Mer de Noms” and “13th Step”. The covers record doesn’t really count to me as an APC album but technically I guess we’ve made 3 records. I have a lot of people tell me that they really like the Perfect Circle stuff that I’ve done and means alot to me. APC has been an important project for me. It’s a weird band but a cool one. I hope there is more APC to come.

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16 years ago

Ah that song has been out since the underworld soundtrack. I actually prefer that version over the original it gives 13th step more grunt.

16 years ago

Disappointing, was expecting something new, and I much prefer the non-nu-metal, album version.

Trout Mask
Trout Mask
16 years ago

This is not new. This was released in 2004 on the aMOTION DVD.

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