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Poll Results: Favorite Appetite For Destruction track?

Apart from 52 of you, everyone is in agreeance that Appetite For Destruction by Guns N’ Roses rocks.  To be more specific, Welcome to the Jungle rocks the most, while Anything Goes is the least popular.  Nothing beats Rocket Queen though in my opinion.  I can’t believe Out Ta Get Me didn’t get more love.  Take that one to heart!

  1. Welcome to the Jungle 105 Votes
  2. Sweet Child O’ Mine 93 Votes
  3. I suck! 52 Votes
  4. Mr Brownstone 50 Votes
  5. Paradise City 49 Votes
  6. Rocket Queen 42 Votes
  7. Nighttrain 27 Votes
  8. It’s So Easy 26 Votes
  9. My Michelle 18 Votes
  10. You’re Crazy 7 Votes
  11. Think About You 4 Votes
  12. Out Ta Get Me 3 Votes
  13. Anything Goes 2 Votes

New Poll up soon!

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