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Poll Results: Which Tool Logo do you prefer?

Last week I asked what Tool logo do you prefer.  I gave you choices which vaguely corresponded with Tool’s full length releases, and it turns out the Lateralus one is the favorite.  Would Lateralus also be the favorite album?  Thats a question for another poll…..

  1. Lateralus 217 Votes
  2. 10,000 Days 83 Votes
  3. Aenima 73 Votes
  4. Wrench 60 Votes

New poll being erected shortly!

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Casi Moore
16 years ago

Wow. I can honestly say I’m shocked for the first time in months (probably over a year) with these poll results. I mean, I don’t completely disagree, but I would have thought the Wrench would at LEAST come in second. Damn. Guess I’m still the only nerd walking around with a metal phallus on his back.

(btw. I find Lateralus pretty even with Aenima in terms of the favorite album. I shudder to think of the pain I’d go through trying to choose one over the other)

16 years ago

2 through 4 actually came in relatively evenly. However, I would also guess that there are newer Tool fans that might not be familiar with the earlier stuff? (blasphemous 😉 )

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