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According to his Myspace site, Maynard had this to say on Puscifer, and well as his Cuntry Boner:

“I assume many of you have seen the Cuntry Boner footage. If you haven’t, visit to check it out. This was filmed quite awhile ago and I’m just now getting around to kicking it out of the nest. Feel free to pass it around. My gift to you. Laura Milligan is the co-star. (HBO ‘Tenacious D’ episodes, Tantrum @ The Diamond Club, ‘Comedy Product’, ‘Mr. Show’, among other things) She’s probably gonna kick my ass for leaking it.

“Still pluggin away on the music. The road makes it a bit tough to get anything done. By the time I have a day off I’m exhausted. But progress is being made, so hang in there. Should have a video done by mid-summer.

“Although I haven’t heard it, I hear Billy‘s [A PERFECT CIRCLE guitarist Billy Howerdel] new music is great. Check out his MySpace page for details.”

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17 years ago

Cuntry Boner was pretty shit Maynard.

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