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New Poll: What is your favorite 10,000 Days secret?

This week I ask what is your favorite 10,000 Days secret?  Do you dig the various synchronisations?  Did you find the clues in the pictures?  Anything else I may have missed?

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Trout Mask
Trout Mask
16 years ago

I like the recent ‘sync 10,000 days with The Wizard of OZ’. I know a lot of people who say TOOL is the Pink Floyd of the 21st Century, but that doesn’t mean 10,000 Days has to be an equivical ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. By the way, for the 40th Anniversary of ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’, their re-releasing it with two bonus discs, 2 discs being the album in mono and stereo and another disc of b-sides and rarities.

16 years ago

I like the synchronization of Wings/10,000 days and Viginti Tres. The latter being Latin for 23 and 23 being a symbol of synchronicity (you suppose that is why the Jim Carey movie chose 23?). I mean the track times line up perfectly. This doesn’t seem to be the fan-based, contrived non-sense that Maynard has eluded to in the past (remember the Slurpie drinking example?). Kinda cool.

7 years ago

I recently noticed 2 things about Ten Thousand Days artwork. All 4 band members have a personal photo. However, as far as I can tell only 3 members have a “close up” of items within their respective personal photos. Justin has the close up of the vulture. Danny has the close up of the cards, knife, books and skull. Adam has the close up of teeth, eggs, preserved tissues and oxygen tank. Maynard has nothing. The image that precedes Maynard is the skull with the embryo inside. I also notice many times the theme of beginning and end, birth and… Read more »

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