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Poll Results: What is your favorite 10,000 Days secret?

10,000 Days would appear to be full of secrets (apparently) and last week I asked what your favorite was.  It comes as no surprise to me that most of you think there isn’t a secret.  And I am a little surprised at how many of you are waiting for the “real” album to be released, or maybe lots of you think it’s funny that there was ever talk of a decoy album at all….

  1. The secret is there is no secret…. 207 Votes
  2. It’s a decoy – still waiting for the real album 77 Votes
  3. 10,000 Days/Wings For Marie/Vignati Tres Overlaps 64 Votes
  4. Secret stuff in the photos 54 Votes
  5. Wizard of Oz Synchronisation 17 Votes

New poll on it’s way!

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see you auntie
see you auntie
16 years ago

Yep I voted for the decoy option. I find the thought of it hilarious.

16 years ago

What about the secret that Justin is the Doctor?

16 years ago

i have a small time theory about the album , but it wasnt on the poll ! its about time lapses .

Time is relative , since its begining and until the end.. (time ends ? ) But to be alive (paraboling quote) is an experience and time is what we got only . Welcome to your time i guess

By the way ,im just thought sharing my inner personal album analysis and i have my space see below :

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