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Team Puscifer, Volto, Newsletter

A couple of things today.  Firstly those hot spunks at the Tool Hotline tell me that there’s a Puscifer Street Team which you can join at  Anyone can join, and who knows what you might get out of it (apart from lots of spam).  Warning: I have no idea if this site is really owned by Maynard or just some prankster, so don’t go putting your work email into it…..

Blair posts on Toolband/Army that Volto will possibly be playing at the Baked Potato on August 2nd.  If it goes ahead, Danny should be there as the US tour would have finished.

Finally the May Newsletter has been released, and it seems to be a rather lengthly diary of Blair and co’s recent trip to Mexico.  I’ll read it properly when I have a spare 4 hours.

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