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The Pot in High Times

Daniel emailed me today to tell me that Tool are featured in this months High Times.  Apparently The Pot is honoured as the song of the year.  Here’s an excerpt:

In this ADD age, where sound bites and commercialism dominate the media.
TOOL are one of the few rock bands that can be considered genuine artists.
By keeping their faces and egos out of the equation-employing psychedelic
visuals, cryptic philosophical lyrics and lengthy, experimental song
structures that practically guarantee they’ll never see air time-TOOL
continue to show integrity and cement their status as the Pink Floyd of the
21st century.

Case in point: The casing of their latest album, 10,000 Days, is smothered
in the trippy artwork of Alex Grey and contains a pair of three-dimensional
goggles for enhances viewing. The manic ramblings of ” Rosetta Stoned” are
an acid trip for the ears but it’s The Pot that takes home the trophy. The
song seems to criticize the hypocracy of the US political and legal systems,
making vague references to ‘kangeroo courts’ and ‘crocadile tears’ and
including double-entendres, with “pot” alluding both to weed and to the
proverbial pot calling the kettle black and with stoned ambiguously referring
to both being high and having rocks thrown at you.

“The Pot” may not be as obvious an anthem as “sweet leaf” or “Hits from the
bong” but a chorus of “you must have been so high!” and the ending line
“Ganja?Please! You must have been been out of your mind!”it more than
qualifies as song of the year.

There’s also a great picture of Maynard so I’d told.

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16 years ago

Great article!

Although 3-D goggles? Or just stereoscopic goggles? I suppose if you were high enough it might change things.

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