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Adam in Guitar World

I had a chance to read the recent Guitar World article with Adam Jones, and it’s one of the best Tool articles I’ve read for a while.  It reveals plenty of new info and some insight into Adam’s guitar playing.  Here are some points I know most of you are interested in:

  • The first video for 10,000 Days (presumably Vicarious) will be entirely in CGI has run into some “vicious production problems”.  Basically they got screwed by the production company, and now a friend of Adam’s company is helping them complete it.  The problem is that since they’re only helping, work only happens when their schedule is clear.  Adam says all his spare time goes into it, but I wouldn’t expect to see anything until after this round of touring stops.
  • The second video (presumably The Pot) will be all stop-motion, and pre-production has started.
  • They have filmed stuff for a Live DVD, and were going to put it out but it “(didn’t) sit very well with our band”.  I guess this means they want more than just the standard live show to be released.
  • Adam is keen to do a Tool movie, but it sounds as though he’s waiting for someone to show him the money before he does.  And there’s a lot of red tape involved in movie making.
  • When Tool were approached to contribute to the Escape from LA soundtrack, they suggested rather than just giving them a song, actually do one with John Carpenter (who apparently is also a musician).  For various record label related reasons, this didn’t go ahead.  So they just gave them Sweat in the end.
  • They’ve had several stalkers, include one that Camella and Chris Graves set up and had arrested.  A Toolarmy member perhaps?
  • The project with Robert Fripp has been recorded, but there’s still the drums and arrangements to go.  Adam’s hoping to put it out as soon as possible, but like the videos I wouldn’t expect much until Tool finish touring.

Go and buy the magazine when it comes out in your part of the world!  I know I will.

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Trout Mask
Trout Mask
16 years ago

This is a scan of the article from the tooltabs forum.

16 years ago

sorry but is it july issue ?

16 years ago

its a bummer sounds like the two music videos are on hold and the live dvd idea seems to have been scrapped…again. interesting article but nothing new sadly in regaurding them releasing something other than just cd’s.

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