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Poll Results: Is it cool to wear a Tool shirt at a Tool concert?

Well, it seems that the majority of you don’t care what people wear to Tool concerts, and that there is in fact nothing wrong with wearing a Tool shirt to a Tool show.  Unsurprisingly the second largest group of voters feel that it is uncool to wear a Tool shirt.  I’m not sure that I’ve seen any clear reasoning behind this, but I suspect they were all once teased a school for being a loser (or something).

  1. Yes, I don’t need tips from the Fashion Police 260 Votes
  2. No, I am the Fashion Police 113 Votes
  3. Yes, that’s how I support the band 99 Votes
  4. No, I don’t like being associated with Tool fans 56 Votes
  5. Yes, but only because I can’t be bothered carrying the new shirt I bought 55 Votes
  6. No, I don’t own a Tool shirt 43 Votes
  7. No, I’d rather dress up as a goth, punk, emo, etc 21 Votes

Next poll coming soon!

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17 years ago

or maybe it was just the funny answer to a poll otherwise stupid as fuck!

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