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Poll Results: Which other Tool Website do you prefer?

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Last week you were asked what Tool Website (other than Fourtheye of course) you go to get your dose of Tool gossip.  Unsurprisingly, to me anyway, TDN/Toolnavy was the winner, with the comparitivly static Toolband coming second.  The Tool Hotline have a big following too, and more people actually prefer it to Toolarmy.  I wonder what position Toolarmy would take if it were free?

  1. TDN/Toolnavy 129 Votes
  2. Toolband 71 Votes
  3. The Tool Hotline 66 Votes
  4. Toolarmy 57 Votes
  5. 24 Votes
  6. Tool Tabs 11 Votes
  7. Distortion Online 10 Votes

So did anyone actually visit

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