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Poll Results: Your plans for the upcoming Australian Tour?

Last week I asked what you guys planned on doing for the next Australian tour.  I know that in January many of you saw more than on show, some travelled around Australia, while others saw both the Big Day Out show and a sideshow.  Given that Tool are reportedly going to tour second time this year, how many shows do you plan on catching this time around?

Well, most of you responded it was too expensive or too far away, and I suspect too far away is the most likely answer here, given that many Fourtheye readers aren’t Aussies at all!  The rest of the poll items were reasonably close, with most of you preferring to see only shows in your own state, or only one show.

Personally I’ll be seeing them only once, since I doubt there would be more than one show in Adelaide.  However, if Adelaide wasn’t included in the itenerary (and I doubt Maynard would let that happen) I’d try and get tickets to see them in Melbourne or Sydney.

Here’s the results :

  1. It’ll be too expensive or too far away from me 120 Votes
  2. Just one show 49 Votes
  3. I’ll see every show in my town/state 39 Votes
  4. I’m going to do a road trip and see 3+ shows 29 Votes
  5. I plan on seeing every show in every state 28 Votes
  6. I hated 10,000 Days so won’t be going 16 Votes

New poll coming soon!

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