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Re-Poll: Which Upcoming Game excites you the most?

We had a pretty good reaction to the Upcoming Game poll last week, and since I buggered it up and didn’t put GTA IV on the list until later in the poll, I’m going to run it again for a few days, this time culling out the obvious joke as well as the less popular titles (those less that 15 votes).  It’ll only be up for a few days so get voting!

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16 years ago

Dude Half Life 2 Episode 2 will be the bomb!!!!!! Can’t wait for it to come out along with Unreal Tournament 2007.

Casi Moore
16 years ago

Man, Spore was the only one that interested me from the last batch. Though if I had to choose from this set, I’d have to go with HL episode 2, simply because Team Fortress 2 comes with it. Couldn’t care less about GTA.

Casi Moore
16 years ago

[quote comment=”32854″]GTA is like the Tool of games.[/quote] Damnit man. Go wash out your mouth :-P. That’s like saying Happy Feet was the Meshuggah of feature films. Two entirely different genres, even outside of the music/video-game transition. It was cool, but it’s gotten old and stale. Too many GTA clones out there now, Rockstar should devote their efforts to something other than just general “lawbreaking”. It’s gotten to the point where originality in the series is gone; now they’re just giving new examples of how to get yourself in some serious trouble. (I’ve bought all previous GTA’s. This is coming… Read more »

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