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More Shred School Info, The Melvins

According to Blair, at the Shred School you can expect:

ADAM’S teaching at SHRED SCHOOL (see post below), and I’m fairly certain that he’s going to go above and beyond, bringing artwork, etc. (you know those Tool productions…), so if you’re planning on giving him an apple, make it blue, with a Star of Babalon inscibed inside.

Also mentioned is that Buzz & Dale from The Mevlins are performing at Echo in Silverlight. He doesn’t have any other details apart from that it’s a benefit gig for a friend. No idea of the date though, presumably tonight???? Thanks to perusha on Toolarmy, the gig is on the 4th of August and is with Qui and The Circle Jerks.  For those that don’t know Qui features David Yow from The Jesus Lizard.  Here’s hoping he joins The Melvins for a song or two…..

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