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P is for Puscifer

According to the Puscifer Website:

October 30th, Punks!! 07/31/07: It’s official. The voices in my head have deliberated long enough. The verdict is OCTOBER 30th. The title? “V is for Vagina.” of course. What else would it be? “C is for Chinese Democracy” was taken.

Thanks to reedjustin on Toolarmy for that tip.

And I also missed this, thanks to the Tool Hotline:

Currently mixing the tunes. Things are sounding fantastic. Alan Moulder is a true artist. We’re still unsure as to the official release date. That should be decided this week. For sure it will be in October. the Mix Master Joe Baressi, aka Evil Joe, will be mixing a new version of Cuntry Boner as well. He helped us out on some Spanish guitar for a new version of The Undertaker. Sounds foot stompin good. More soon.

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16 years ago

this will be aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
brutal !

16 years ago

i really like the songs intuit . Sarcastic and yet full of truth , maybe more then expected i guess . I think i understand the whole fullness of the thing .. its good to leave some inner spirits out and travel more into the light and more at ease side of life, without advancing the future into greater plans .
so id say .. bring it on .

(even tho im portuguese i think my english is fucking improving , dont you guys think that 2 »?)

16 years ago

I liked a couple songs from Underworld, I’m glad he’s doing his own thing, think Primus humor and camp as hell

16 years ago

i can’t wait for it

i reckon it is going to be fantastic!

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