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Tool change Croatian show?

fortysixand2 posted on Toolarmy today that the show on the 4th of September has been changed from Salata to Dom Sportova. Here’s a link in a language I can’t understand which may or may not explain the situation. If anyone can translate it then let me know!

Update: Ivana just emailed me and tells me that the move to Dom Sportova is simply because it of demand for the tickets, and Dom Sportova is a bigger venue.  Enjoy the show!

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16 years ago

Lucky guys those mates
im off to askena tomorrow , and maybe ill record the show ..
ill tell you later how was it ! stay kewl

16 years ago

hey oh , back… long trip . Very beautifull city Victoria Gaszteiz . Made some good friends. Festival place sucked.. it was near a road , near the city . Camping didnt existed.Being used to portugal festivals.. thats something we have nice and beautyfull . Tool concert, like all the last festivals playlists couldnt recorded it , due to being awake for almost two days.. The band had fun , the audience also .. people in spain are really into the music.. to lyrics just some younger fellows , i sang with them a bit . Flood was amazing and… Read more »

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