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More Puscifer details

Thanks to Henry for this one.  Maynard posts on his Myspace page:

Ok, music fans. Let the games begin. It’s been a long time coming and we thank you for your patience. The Cuntry Boner cd single is now available for pre-order exclusively at and will be shipped the first week of October. As promised there will be even more music to follow. We’re just now finishing up the video for Queen B and that should be up on iTunes in a few weeks. We’re also putting together a Pre-release E.P. for iTunes called “Don’t Shoot The Messenger.” We will of course keep you posted. Pop by the shopping cart for new stuff. Plenty of little items with which to stuff stockings, turkeys, and private areas. Pre-orders for the full length cd, “V is for Vagina” (In stores and on iTunes on Oct 30th. 2007) will begin shortly. So as you can see, we’ve been very very busy little bees. Damn, this is fun. You should try it. Oh, and we finally got around to putting up a U-Tube page… and a “friends of Puscifer” section at so you can check out who else has been involved. Peace. mjk

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16 years ago

He is having a show me your vagina contest. I wonder if thats real?

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