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Poll Results: While Hellboy is in NZ, Tool will?

  • Tool

It looks like I should have added the option “Nothing” because that’s pretty much what happened!  Tool appear to be touring Europe with little regard for the rest of the worlds desire for news!  Hopefully we’ll get something to chew on soon.  In the mean time here’s the results, and steel yourselves for the next poll!

  1. Announce an Australia/NZ tour 88 Votes
  2. Release a Vicarious video 82 Votes
  3. Announce that due to Maynard’s health Courtney Love will be singing for the rest of the Euro tour 76 Votes
  4. Announce a US tour 42 Votes
  5. Break Up 27 Votes
  6. Announce a Live DVD release date 26 Votes
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