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Puscifer Teaser

Blabbermouth report that a Puscifer Teaser has been released by Red Artist Development.  It can be found here, but it really doesn’t give much away except for the fact that Cuntry Boner will be released as a single.

For those that don’t know, Puscifer is Maynard‘s solo project and will feature contributions from many guests including multi-instrumentalist Danny Lohner; songstress Lisa Germano; TELEFON TEL AVIV‘s Joshua Eustis; Jonny Polonsky; PRIMUSTim Alexander; model Milla Jovovich; TOOL guitar tech Matt Mitchell; and dark ambient artist Lustmord.

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16 years ago

Lame, fucking maynard cant even post one song off the new record on his site to hold us over. Or at the very least have cuntry boner in the advertisment. He has no marketing skills. He needs a record company if you ask me, this record is doomed.

16 years ago

He is the boss as he stated he is “wearing many hats” and gives the final word on all puscifer related things. I guess I’m just disapointed. Serj Tankian has his solo cd coming out seven days before Maynards. He already has a song on his myspace and another song from the record released to radio and a music video. Maynard should do the same. His single isnt even coming out for another two weeks. If he wants to make this work he needs to give the public something imho.

16 years ago

pfft 50% of toolfans will buy a copy, he’s in the money.

16 years ago

i dont understand … the world is cruel !!

and its raining like lightning outside now , damn ! Winter has arrived ! ah and the topic response ;
relax its just music ! and right now maynard is the man so
lets ear what he may have to say and listen .. enjoy i will

damn those lighntning are amazing stuff !

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