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Tool in Australia/NZ in March?

There’s been much discussion of Tool‘s recently announced US West Coast tour on Fourtheye, and in particular what this means for the promised Australian and New Zealand tour.  According to Cognizant:

I was logging in today to see what had been heard about the place as my mate who does some work for the Events Centre here in Wellington (and has been keeping me in the loop) sent me an email yesterday and this is what she had to say :

“So we were skimming through all of the upcoming events and noticed that the November Tool concert date has miraculously shifted into March next year. What the?!
That said; they have (again) only put it in as a first pencil so there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually go ahead with it but hey…
The cool thing is that they’re trying to book the 19th until the 21st, which tells me that if they did go ahead with it, there’s the possibility of two concerts…”

So – everybody keep their fingers crossed I guess


Although having said that I can’t see Wellys getting 2 concerts so maybe they’re just pencilling a ‘window’

This sounds reasonably legit to me, and works well with another comment that I read which suggested that due to Danny’s injury earlier this year, all tours except the European one have been delayed, which would explain the sudden US tour announcement, and the movement of the Aust/NZ tour to 2008.

We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

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