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Tool interview in Metal Edge

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According to a post on Blabbermouth, there will be seven page Tool interview in the September issue of Metal Edge. It’s the longest interview in the Tool’s history, and celebrates it’s relaunch. The interviewer Bryan Reesman speaks to all four members about their own personal interests, and presumably Tool as well! Here’s an excerpt:

Q: You don’t seem to mind if you rile up the media.

Carey: A lot of times we don’t even have to do it. It just does it itself. All these rumors… We’ve all died in car wrecks by now.

Keenan: Howard Stern has been keeping me out of his studio for years. I’m not even in New York, and he’s talking about how I’m in the lobby, wanting to come up to talk to him, and he says, “Get that guy outta here!” And I’m in L.A.

Jones: It also reflects – at least from my perspective – how sensationalized the media is that you can f**k back with that. You can do your own little spin on stuff back to the media.

Chancellor: It kind of protects the music as well. It’s like a distraction. People can think about all this rubbish, and in the meantime we can concentrate on doing music. It’s like a smoke screen.

Jones: It’s so funny that people say that the TOOL guys are difficult. We’re not difficult. We’re just not going to put up with the journalistic dogma of “build you up, chop you down.” There are a lot of journalists who don’t [care]. They’re just trying to get their next paycheck, and they’ll spin it any way the magazine wants them to spin it.

Thanks to lifer1975 on Toolarmy for the tip.

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