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Maynard on Triple J

According to Croaka, Maynard will be chatting to Jay and the Doctor on Triple J on Wednesday the 24th of October. The show starts at 6am AEST time, but no clue as to exactly what time in the 3 hour show the interview will be on. You can tune in online at, or listen to it on the radio of course.

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16 years ago

This is the most Tool-related news I’ve seen in awhile, it’s crazy. I’d go the site, new news, and then a couple minutes later I’d go again, more news, and more news, and more news. I like it.

16 years ago

I got the Cuntry Boner Single in the mail the other day… the You Tube version is better!

Quite a few of my mates are 100% convinced he is just taking the piss with pucifier, especially after hearing this single.

Packaging is great, at any rate I hope MJK brings the same stratedgy process to tool & apc if they live.

charred remains
16 years ago

They actually played Cuntry Boner (live) on national radio in the morning on Triple J. Maybe they don’t suck so much anymore… though they probably still do.

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