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New Poll: What do you think of Queen B?

We’ve all had a few days to take in the Queen B single from Puscifer’s upcoming V is for Vagina album, and this weeks poll asks what do you think of both the song and it’s accompanying video.  For those who haven’t heard the song, or seen the video, you can check it out on Youtube.

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16 years ago

I voted “Average Song, Average Video” because I wouldn’t go as far to say the video and music was “crap,” but I wouldn’t say it was “great” either – so right in the middle, borderline. Both the music and the video just seemed similar, in terms of my liking. Just nice to see some new music and art from Maynard, as I’ve said before. Something different than 10,000 Days (which is average too, in my opinion) and Tool. I’ll be sure to download the album when it gets leaked.

16 years ago

I really like it, it’s groovy! To me it’s just the right mix of Danny Lonher, UNKLE and Massive Attack. But then again, i’ve always liked that kind of stuff. FANTASTIC Car cruising music.

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