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Poll Results: What do you think of Queen B?

Last week I asked wehat you thought of the new Queen B song and video?  The responses were pretty varied, but via some mathematical wizardry I managed to determine that the majority think that both the song and video are quite average.  There was a fair amount of you who felt the song was great thoguh, and I’m sure this will give Maynard some satisfaction, especially considering Puscifer is quite different from Tool and A Perfect Circle.

The Puscifer album should be out soon, so regardless of if you download it illegally or not (there’s no leak yet that I’m aware of), make sure you buy the album if you enjoy it.

  1. Average Song, Average Video 156 Votes
  2. Crap Song, Crap Video 86 Votes
  3. Great Song, Great Video 74 Votes
  4. Average Song, Crap Video 71 Votes
  5. Average Song, Great Video 68 Votes
  6. Great Song, Average Video 65 Votes
  7. Crap Song, Average Video 42 Votes
  8. Great Song, Crap Video 14 Votes
  9. Crap Song, Great Video 12 Votes
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