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Poll Results: Who would you rather f**k?

Last weeks question was a bit tongue in cheek (in case you couldn’t tell) and asked, who would you rather fuck.  Of course the entrants were take from the Puscifer track Cuntry Boner.

Elvis Presley’s little girl (Lisa-Marie) seemed to be the shag of choice, with Dolly Parton and The Judd’s not too far behind.  It would also appear that some of you have a soft spot for beastiality.  Nice!

Here are the results:

  1. Elvis Presley’s Little Girl 105 Votes
  2. Dolly Parton 65 Votes
  3. The Judds 48 Votes
  4. Kenny Roger’s Little White Ass 26 Votes
  5. Johnny Cash 23 Votes
  6. The Cast of Hee-Haw 16 Votes
  7. Loretta Lynn 13 Votes
  8. Elvis Presley 13 Votes
  9. Willie Nelson 10 Votes
  10. Alabama 5 Votes
  11. Barbara Mandrell 4 Votes
  12. Minnie Pearl 4 Votes
  13. Dwight Yokam 3 Votes
  14. The Oak Ridge Boys 1 Vote
  15. Glenn Campbell 1 Vote

New poll coming soon!

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