Salival Vinyl

Rare Records in Melboure have a copy of Salival on Vinyl for sale.  According to their website it is:

12 Inch Vinyl
EXTREMELY RARE!!! – Only 350 Made!!! – Double Clear Lime And Grey Marble Vinyl – Picture Sleeve – Comes In Vaccum Sealed Silver Pouch – Sticker On Front

I’ve never heard of Salival being pressed to vinyl at all, so suspect it may be some kind of bootleg.  Anyone else out there seen one of these before?  Anyone have a comment on whether or not this is an official release?

Thanks to Raymond for the tip.

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it’s a fake.


and what is even more fishy is the fact that the catalog number starts with LAMC, i’d say that would have to be a pretty big coincidence, although i have no idea what vinyl catalog numbers are normally so im prolly just talking out of my ass.


[quote comment=”33166″][quote]what is even more fishy is the fact that the catalog number starts with LAMC[/quote]
Well spotted. I’d be pretty surprised if this was legit in any way.[/quote]

So why are you advertising it?


artwork looks pretty cool tho

mad spot with LAMC


Till we find out more information,we really cant say wether it is a fake or if it is indeed real.The whole LAMC theory to me can go either way,who knows? It might be a mysterious ploy to fuck with the fans heads??
But if it is proven to be fake,you must admit,it looks pretty damn cool. R


I got hold of 2 copies and couldnt help but open one up. There is no writing anywhere on the jackets, only on the inside of the vinly where the catalog LAMC is, and that is hand written. I scored from a guy in the US and he said: “Hi, we got couple of copies of Tool Salival 2xlp from couple of years ago, i dont think its official”. Who knows.


This same record is on ebay. They say in the item description that it is “An unofficial promo item from 2001”

It has also been placed in the Rap and Hip Hop Genre….very interesting