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V is for Vagina Aussie Release Date

According to Bobo Brazil, JB Hi-Fi are reporting that Puscifer’s V is for Vagina will be available for purchase on the 27th of October.  According to their website (which doesn’t confirm this release date) it will be an import and will cost $33.99.

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16 years ago

There are rumors going around that serj tankian may be opening for a tool a couple dates in december. Just giving you a heads up it may happen and may not it will be announced by either serj on his myspace or Blair if it in fact is true.

16 years ago

That import is for the ‘vynil’ edition only of the album. There is no information yet about a release date for the CD. The best way for Australians to obtain the CD is to pre-order it off the Puscifer website. Cost around AUD$25-28 (incl. Postage)
Here is a link to the product mentioned:

Hope that helps.
Peace out

16 years ago

No guys, I work at JBHIFI and yes we will be receiving cd format version of Puscifer in store aswell as online. It’s probably in everyones best interest that you actually go in to place a customer order because some stores only have a couple on order, I don’t think some manager buyers realise how popular this will be in sales.

Personally I cannot wait for it’s release 🙂

16 years ago

Cheers, thanks for clearing that up Lisa. What’s the release date of the CD then?

16 years ago

local street press in brissie has this record at $19.95 at ‘WOW sight and sound’ retailors – comes out on saturday

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