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From Maynard’s Blog

From Maynard‘s Myspace page:

Good news

1 on the Billboard INDIE chart.
25 on the Billboard top 200

No Major label budget.
No Major label $300,000 Bus bench/poster/billboard marketing campaign.
No overpriced full page ad in every silly magazine ever printed
No Promotions Dept Payola hand jobs.
No shove it down your throat anything.

just 100% street level, viral, word of mouth support.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

By the way… Some Friends of mine in the Garment industry sent out a flyer advertising the release. They received dozens of Complaints from Mothers who were offended by the word Vagina. Ironic, isn’t it? Without a vagina they wouldn’t BE mothers.

Currently listening :
Songs About Fucking
By Big Black
Release date: By 28 October, 1992

Congratulations to Maynard and his promo team for their success.

Great album he’s listening to by the way…

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