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Poll Results: How do you rate V is for Vagina?

Last weeks poll asked what was your rating for V is for Vagina.  Generally the response to it seemed to be good, with far more positive votes than negative.

Personally, I rated it as average.  While I enjoyed some of the tracks like Queen B and Trekka, most of them I felt were pretty forgettable.  I’m not sure that it’s an album I’ll be getting out to listen to time and time again.  I appreciate Maynard’s efforts though, and I sure think it’s better than alot of other crap I’ve heard this year.  If my opinion means anything to Maynard (and I’m sure it doesn’t) I’d say “keep on rocking”…

Here are the results:

  1. Good 225 Votes
  2. Average 153 Votes
  3. Excellent 93 Votes
  4. Dont Care 56 Votes
  5. Poor 47 Votes
  6. Terrible 37 Votes

New poll coming soon!

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16 years ago

That brings up a question – do the Tool members come to this site, ever look at it, has any member been to it?

16 years ago

Oh, cool, thanks for the answer.

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