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Poll Results: What genre should Tool – The Movie be?

  • Tool

It’s been speculated for many years now that one day there may be a Tool movieAdam‘s indicated that he’s keen, but due to band commitments, red tape and the incorrect alignment of planets this may not happen for a while.

To help bide the time, I decided to ask you what genre you think the movie should be?  Surprisingly to me, all four categories I suggested all had about the same amount of votes, with a CGI based movie coming out on top, narrowly beating a stop-go animation type project.  A Song Remains the Same style Rockumentary was third while a surprisingly large amount of you readers are female and want a romantic comedy.  Who would have thought!

  1. Alex Grey CGI style 131 Votes
  2. The adventures of a wierd plastacine guy in wonderland 120 Votes
  3. Rockumentary 113 Votes
  4. Romantic Comedy 111 Votes
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