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3D Goggles Order

It seems as though there’s some of you interested in getting some 3D Goggles from Colour Code. You can’t buy them individually from the Colour Code 3D website, but you can get packs of 4, 8 or 12, and then bigger packs of 50, 100 and 200. I doubt there’s enough interest for one of the bigger packs, but I’d be happy to order one of the smaller ones, and then forward pairs to individuals.

So here’s what I’m proposing:

  • I’ll sell each pair of Goggles for AU$2 + Postage. Postage to somewhere in Australia would be around $4. Postage overseas will be quoted on demand, but if you’re too far away it probably gets a bit uneconomical, but if you pay, I’ll send!
  • Email me at to make your order.
  • Once I have enough people (either 4, 8 or 12) I’ll make the order.
  • Once I’ve recieved the goggles, I’ll open a Paypal account for you guys to pay too, and once money is recieved I’ll post the packages.

Note: No refunds if this 3D theory is bullshit!

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16 years ago

The only way to prove a theory is to test it, right?

16 years ago

howcome youre calling them ‘googles’? thats confused me. anyway, the video on the DVD *IS NOT 3D IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM* please trust me on this, i’ve been told by someone who knows first hand, and that i trust. it simply isn’t 3D at all. i read your article before about how someone explained how it is in 3D, and that is just simply not true. the light and colour defraction you are seeing in the images is a post-production process, not created when the models are made. it has NO relevance to 3D imaging at all. also, slightly… Read more »

16 years ago

yeah i am 100% skeptical on the 3D bullshit but maybe a torrent will appear with some of the 3D shit one day and the googles will come in handy.. i knew a few tool fans i can put them on, say it will be 3D, and they will say “WOAAAAAAAAH ITS REALLY 3D” this will also be amusing.

16 years ago

Who needs 3D glasses?…. smoked a little of the green goodness last night before watchin, it was trippy as hell!

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