Entheologue With Alex Grey

On December 21st at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Alex Grey will be presenting a special  screening of Vicarious as well as a documentary of the making of the video.  Once again the Vicarious Video is a collaboration between Tool and Alex Grey, and I know there’s a lot of us out there very interested in the results.

The session costs $25, and this includes an autographed copy of the DVD.  Sounds like good value to me!  Visit the COSM website for more details

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can`t donwload that either .. and good luck to our singer extraordinaire with his throat virus .

btw dont you people think that maybe isp´s should pay some money for the production entities which work is downloaded, that would make sense if the world did 2 also .
(sorry futbol /soccer night/weekend free anger for everyone
faith at midle range now )


It would be good if Tool and Alex Grey parted ways. They need something fresh for now.


what havent you understood ? any question specific hellboy ?
off to bed , ill read it later


well..i could try and explain that all again but i could trust in comunication also.
not yours i see.. erase that if you find it unsuitable or suitable