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Poll Results:What part of the Vicarious DVD are you looking forward to the most?

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Last week I asked what part of the Vicarious DVD were you looking forward to the most.  Unsurprisingly most of you wanted to see the video first and foremost, though many of you I think really hoped there was some live footage on the DVD.  I think it’s been pretty well concluded that there is no such footage.

Personally I looked forward to the documentary the most.  As much as I enjoyed the video, the opportunity to get a bit on insight into it was more appealing that the movie itself.

  1. Vicarious Video 191 Votes
  2. Spending hours putting in codes to reveal the alleged live footage 184 Votes
  3. The “Making of” documentary 93 Votes
  4. Audio commentry by David Cross 27 Votes
  5. The Stereoscopic artwork 19 Votes
0 0 votes
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