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Rolling Stone’s Top 25 Videos of 2007

The video for Tool’s Vicarious has appeared in the Rolling Stone Top 25 videos for 2007.  Other videos that I like that made the list include Bjork, Battles, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails and The White Stripes.

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15 years ago

sensual seduction is by far the song and video of the year and I’m being serious.

15 years ago

I know this is not a TOOl question but I am a fan of this band. So does ANYBODY know whats the deal with Nine Inch Nails???? doesnt help me as much.
Was wondering if they are making a new record, or about to have a US tour in 2008, or are they chillin at home like Tool is??????

And by the way, the Survivalism video is by far the best video of this year!!!!! Havent seen Vicarious video yet, so I believe NIN is my fav. so far. Way to go NIN!!!!!!!

15 years ago

I can’t help but completely disagree with a lot of that list. More than anything, while I am a huge NIN fan, that’s NOT the best video of the year. The Battles video is boring even if the song is amazing. The Modest Mouse video — what the hell? The most impressive — in terms of sheer “how difficult this was to make” — is probably either Vicarious, or Typical (Mute Math). And I know about the second one because I asked the band personally when they came through here recently. It was a one-take, entirely-backwards video. Tell me that’s… Read more »

15 years ago

maynard left a new comment up on puscifer today, gives a little insight into what he’s doing. I found it pretty entertaining… “giggles 12/30/07: I just returned from the Recovery Room Restaurant and Verde Valley Wine Co. In Cottonwood, AZ. Paula and I were working our way through some Spanish wines. Because we can. Also because we’re wine geeks and can’t help ourselves. We just need to know. A’ALTO from the Ribera del Douro region. Do yourself a favor. These guys are rogue. Not playing by the rules at all and it works. The A’ALTO P.S. isn’t easy to locate… Read more »

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