Fourtheye Survey closes soon!

As I write this post, we’ve had 185 responses to the Fourtheye Survey, which I’m pretty happy with.  At this stage I’m planning on closing the survey when I get back from a trip I’m taking to the Blue Mountains this week.  That’s to say I’ll be closing off submissions sometime on Tuesday the 15th of January.

When closed, I’ll start compiling the information and release sections of it at a time.  Eventually the results of the entire survey will be revealed.  Should be interesting…

Since I’ll be away, there won’t be any more posts for a few days, not that I think we’re about to be blown away with news. Those of you in San Antonio and Missoula should keep an eye on Toolband just in case the hints dropped in the newsletter  are correct.  See you all next week.

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Got covers of sober and aenema here


[quote comment=”33540″]Got covers of sober and aenema here
Are you naked in some of those videos, ’cause if you are that’s good.


On a vaguely Tool-related note, Billy Howerdel’s new single is up at

It’s not bad. Better than “Change.”