Maynard being filmed?

I found a wierd blog post this morning which talks about Maynard‘s sudden appearing in what appears to be a video recording studio:

For real… James Maynard keenan just walked onto the set of our music video shoot… I guess he’s filming a shoot for an advertisement, Walking with a gun and a cowboy hat. We asked to get a picture with him, but this is as close as i was allowed to get. The crew weren’t allowed to talk to him, and everyone was speaking in whispers. Pretty crazy. I listened to Tool growing up, so the experience was pretty surreal.

Maynard doing “something”

I have no idea what’s going on, but looking at the accompanying photo does somewhat confirm that it is Maynard, though it’s not close enough to be 100% sure. I’d guess Maynard is filming some kind of Puscifer promo, and seeing that he’s appearing in front of a green screen I’m guessing there may be some kind of animation or something appearing behind him…

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Dozo video imo


“The crew weren’t allowed to talk to him”