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Poll Results: How do you rate the Vicarious video?

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It’s been almost a month since I started this poll, so I guess a change is in order! Anyway, it appears there are quite mixed feelings about the Vicarious video. Lots of you think it’s the best, or better than most, but there’s also a quite large amount that consider it to be worst than most.

Personally, i like the video, though it doesn’t rank above Parabola or Aenima, both of which I consider to be my favorites. If I had to pick a favorite video, I’d have to say Parabola. I love the Parabol section more than the rest, but the CGI at the end is really cool. Jello Biafra‘s commentry also crack me up every time….

  1. Better than most 264 votes
  2. The best yet 113 votes
  3. Worse than most 112 votes
  4. Haven’t watched it 69 votes
  5. CGI sucks 30 votes
  6. The worst 27 votes
0 0 votes
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