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Survey Results: About Tool

The 2007 Fourtheye Survey is now closed, and today I present to you the first in a series of articles collating the responses. Once all of the articles have been posted and analysed, I’ll post a complete set of results for anyone keen to trawl through then. Be aware that all analysis is tainted by my opinion, so if you disagree, then comment below and let me know why.

The focus of todays article are the responses to the About Tool section, which asked you how often do you listen to Tool, how do you rank various Tool albums and videos, and more.

How often do you listen to Tool?

No real surprises in this question. About 50% of you listen to Tool a couple of times a week, while about 35% listen daily. The remaining 15% generally listen to Tool about once a month, with 3 respondants claiming they exclusively listen to Tool.

Where do you listen to Tool?

The majority of responses indicated that Tool is listened to pretty much everywhere, with On the PC being the most popular response at 84%. On a Home Stereo was the least popular, though 67% of you said you listen this way.

There were several Other response with the most interesting being Listening Rooms in my school’s library. Must be a pretty good school since my school didn’t have much but classical in it’s music collection.

What is you favorite Tool album?

No particular surpises here with over half of your primary votes indicating that Lateralus was your favorite album, followed by Aenima and 10,000 Days. The weighted score, which takes into consideration all of the ranking votes also put Lateralus on top, but by less than 50 points ahead of Aenima. 10,000 Days is some way behind those two, which to me indicate that Lateralus and Aenima are clear fan favorites.

Opiate was the least liked album, but interestingly 10,000 Days recieved more low ranks than Undertow, indicating that as a Tool fan you either loved it or hated it.

Overall Weighted Ranking:

  1. Lateralus 1142
  2. Aenima 1093
  3. 10,000 Days 855
  4. Undertow 663
  5. Salival 511
  6. Opiate 377

What is your favorite Tool Video?

The video ratings were much closer than the album rankings, especially near the middle of this list. Hush was the most disliked video with near three-quarters of you ranking it the lowest. Surprisingly the video for Vicarious was ranked last by a reasonably amount of voters (relatively speaking).

At the other end of the scale, on primary votes and weighted score, Parabola was deemed to be the favorite. Stinkfist, Aenima, Vicarious and Schism were very closely ranked in the middle with Prison Sex and Sober being the least popular animated Tool vids.

Overall Weighted Ranking:

  1. Parabola 1373
  2. Stinkfist 1186
  3. Schism 1151
  4. Aenima 1132
  5. Vicarious 1073
  6. Prison Sex 876
  7. Sober 777
  8. Hush 388

Who is your favorite current Tool member?

This question pitted mate against mate where we callously ranked each member of Tool as though there were a worthless politician. It came to no surprise to me that Danny was rated as the favorite, while Justin suffers from the “boring bass” syndrome to take out last place. Adam came second with Maynard following very closely in third.

Overall Weighted Ranking:

  1. Danny 679
  2. Adam 573
  3. Maynard 555
  4. Justin 403

What is your favorite Tool song?

Lateralus was a runaway winner here, collecting more than twice the votes of the runner up. Third Eye took the honours from Pushit for second, though if I combined the Salival and Aenima versions votes together, Pushit would have come second by a couple of votes.

Surprises for me were Aenima finishing outside of the top 10, Prison Sex not getting any votes and Reflection polling as highly as it did. I also didn’t expect Lateralus to win by quite so much either, though I did expect it to take the #1 spot.

Top 10 Tool Songs

  1. Lateralus
  2. Third Eye
  3. Pushit
  4. Reflection
  5. The Grudge
  6. 10,000 Days
  7. Eulogy
  8. 46&2
  9. Pushit (Salival)
  10. Rosetta Stoned
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15 years ago

Pleasurably interesting, but not too surprising for me. The results weren’t terribly far from mine so that is kind of nice. I find it a little strange so many people consider Pushit from Aenima, one of their top Tool songs. I never knew it was a popular song from Tool. I’d have thought the version from Salival would have been more popular. Honestly, I liked the Salival version a lot better. Maynard second from last is funny, I swear if this was asked in 2001 with Lateralus he would have been the top one.

15 years ago

Lateralus is one of the most boring songs by tool. Third eye should have been no. 1 by a long shot.WTF people?

15 years ago

I was hoping Ticks and Leeches would make it on the Top 10? Maybe replacing Pushit (from Aenima) and keeping Pushit (from Salival version)on the top 10!

15 years ago

I still think the studio version of Pushit is better than the live one. Off topic, but: Rage haven’t aged a bit! Incredible performance in Auckland.

charred remains
15 years ago

Just saw them at Gold Coast BDO… amazing, can’t wait for tonight!

Was surprised to see Rosetta Stoned in the top 10 to be honest, wouldn’t have picked that. But that’s obviously just me 🙂

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