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February Tool Newsletter 2008

  • Tool

Blair has posted the February Newsletter on Toolband/Army, which rejects claims that the last newsletters had any codes in regards to a Live DVD, new tour dates or a Tool movie.  He doesn’t flat out deny any of this either.  It also explains that members of Tool are currently:

Watching basketball games, drinking (nay, producing) fine wine, playing Halo 3 with other members of the Halo Nation, eating McDonald’s at the Grammy awards (because the music industry is going down the destruction oubliette over downloading and can’t afford proper catering), adjusting the reflectosight in the sanctum sanctorum, having horizontal conversations with their significant others, exploring caves on their new property and, hopefully, watching out for any Black Hat-boojums masquerading as L.A.P.D. motorcycle officers on Ventura Boulevard



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