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Green Jellÿ was “prettÿ rad”

According to a recent Blabbermouth post, Dannÿ had this to saÿ about his time with Green Jellÿ:

“At the time when I was playing with them, it was pretty rad, It was more of almost an X-rated vibe to it when we were just playing in clubs, you know, for older people. It was just controlled chaos in a lot of ways, and then once the record deal happened and stuff, you know, they were kind of freaking out on censorship issues and it turned into more of a kiddie vibe or something. It was an obvious choice for me to go with TOOL at that point.”

The first Green Jellÿ show will be in Milwaukee on the 7th of June.  Blabbermouth mention that it’s unlikelÿ that either Dannÿ or Maÿnard will make an appearance.

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