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Poll Results: Which Tool album has the best sound?

The last poll asked which Tool album you think has the best sound. Not surprisingly Lateralus took the winners place, with 10,000 Days running a distant second. Unsurprisingly, not a single person selected Opiate!

Personally, I think 10,000 Days has a much better sound that Lateralus, which I feel is sometimes a little to clean and crisp. Personally I prefer the dirtier sounds of 10,000 Days and Aenima to Lateralus, though I’d happily pick Lateralus to be the best Tool album overall.

Here are the results:

  1. Lateralus 234 Votes
  2. 10,000 Days 120 Votes
  3. Aenima 77 Votes
  4. Undertow 15 Votes
  5. Optiate 0 Votes

Update: By the way, this was the 1000th post.  Congrats to me!

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15 years ago

Aenima is still the best album ever made. Period.

15 years ago

I don’t get what you mean by sound? I’ve never noticed Lateralus has a clear and crisp production and 10,000 Days has a dirty production. Tell me what I’m supposed to listen for to hear this difference. To me they all just sound like music recorded. I’ve never understood this whole sound thing.

I heard though that 10,000 Days was highly compressed, whatever that means, and that in turn is bad. If anyone could explain this all to me I’d be grateful.

15 years ago

not to be a douche, hellboy, but data compression and dynamic compression are two very different things.
the problem with 10,000 days, many feel, is that the album was mastered using too much dynamic compression to the point where clipping occurs (basically like it sounds, the tops of the waveforms are chopped off–the resulting sound is similar to white noise)
This is nothing new. I don’t know if any of you’ve heard the latest muse album but it was simply destroyed.
Check out for some more reading.

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