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The Melvins + Big Business Recording & Touring

j0hnnygu3st from Toolarmy sent word of this recent entry on the Big Business Myspace Blog:

I know it’s late, but it’s high time we get everyone on the same page for the upcoming year in Big Business.

Right now I am sitting in a recording studio in Hollywood as Jared is doubling his bass parts on a new Melvins record. Check out the photos in our photos. It has a name, and we’ll be spilling the beans on that one shortly. Everything seems to be going as planned, so expect some freaky deep cuts on this one. Toshi Kasai is at the control thing, doing stuff you and I probably will never understand. Dale is starting a fire outside, signaling the first bbq of the year is about to be underway. Once this is wrapped up, The Biz will be finishing up our latest batch of songs and hopefully recording this spring. Our touring schedule for the year is still being figured out, but we know this: the Melvins and Big Business are touring Europe in the fall. We’ll post more info as it comes in. We have high hopes that some special plans we’ve been planning for years will come to fruition in 2008. Come fly with us.

We love you so much right now.

Pretty awesome news if you ask me, since both A Senile Animal and Here Come The Waterworks were both kickass albums.  Hopefully they’ll get around to touring Australia this time too…

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