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Isis Holy Tears Single

According to a recent post on Toolband/Army, Isis will shortly be releasing a single for the track Holy Tears from the In The Absence Of Truth album.  The single will contain a live version of track featuring Justin Chancellor recorded at the Continental Airlines Arena.

Blair also tells us an anecdote of some of the pranks playing during the joint tour last year:

That night when Justin joined Isis on stage, Danny’s drum tech Joe Paul (and a few members of Tool who shall remain anonymous played some pranks on their opening act – one being to put Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder in Aaron Harris’s hi hat so that he received steady puffs of fragrant ‘smoke’ during the first song, with the other being the condition of the dressing room after the band returned to it, “sweaty and thirsty” after their set. As it turned out, the dressing room had been ‘magically’ transformed into a Christmas scene, with all of the band’s belongings gift wrapped and placed under a Christmas tree amid a floor of white peanuts ‘snow.’ Good times!

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15 years ago

haha….. awesome re: xmas scene.

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