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Poll Results: What is your favorite Tool album?

The last poll asked what is you favorite Tool album? This time, rather than asking about all those decoy albums such as Lateralus and 10,000 Days, I decided to ask you about the real thing!

Turns out Bethlehem Abortion Clinic has a place in many of your hearts, while many fans wish they could have been holidaying in Greece when the Live! at the Acropolis show was recorded.

  1. Bethlehem Abortion Clinic 63 Votes
  2. Just Up That Dirt Road: Tool Live! at the Acropolis 41 Votes
  3. The Other White Meat 23 Votes
  4. Crapsteaks Smothered in Dictators 19 Votes
  5. Spring Boner 19 Votes
  6. The Christmas Album 17 Votes
  7. I Smell Urine 16 Votes
  8. Gay Rodeo 16 Votes
  9. Iced Pee 14 Votes
  10. Three Fat Brown Fingers 13 Votes
  11. Two Wieners for Daddy 12 Votes
  12. Tetanus for Breakfast 9 Votes
  13. Brown Magic and Big Appetites: Music from the Movie Soundtrack Jelly Donut 6 Votes
  14. Nurse Ketimella’s Kit’chen 5 Votes
  15. Mungey the Clown 2 Votes
  16. Bad Breath 1 Vote
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15 years ago

How do I get my hands on these real albums

Please leave your insufferable comments belowx