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Buy Adam’s Diezel

Foamy informed me of this auction on Ebay, which features a Diezel VH4 (probably a VH4s to be exact) as used by Adam. According to the blurb:

Up for sale!!! 1 Diezel vh4. This amp has a unique history. I called Salwander International about getting a new Diezel for my self and ended up buying this beauty. It was in the shop being repaired for Adam Jones from the band TOOL. While it was under repair Adam got a loner from Salwander to track with while HIS ,this one, was being repaired. Adam made the decision to keep the loner and I ended up with his amp instead of buying a new one. It has all of Adams tone markings on the face plate indicated with, glow in the dark, stickers and a message on the back that reads, “For my first American user Adam, best regards, Peter Diezel”. This amp was used on the road as Adams back up to his blue faced early vh4. It has a few scuffs, but nothing major. I would say it is 98% PERFECT. As for how it sounds…It’s one of the best amps money can buy! It produces amazing tones at, literally, any volume level and is indestructible. I need to get rid of this amp to pay for school. At this point, in my life, I don’t require all of it’s little bells and whistles. This “boast worthy” amp needs to go to a good home where somebody will appreciate its awesome sound quality and power. Rock, Dustin

The auction is long since over, but there’s some cool pics there, some of which I’ve added below, some of which outline the various EQ settings Adam used.

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16 years ago


but seriously.. that sounds strange.. he liked the loner better.. that confused me pretty good.
i thought this wouldve been his pride and joy.

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