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Maynard “Big Brother” to Christopher Meloni

I came across an article on Wine Spectator who talk to Law & Order start Christopher Meloni. In the interview he mentions his relationship with Maynard:

WS: I understand that winemaker, rock singer and Wine Spectator blogger Maynard James Keenan is something of a wine mentor to you. Tell us about that.
CM: We get together in New York to drink wine, usually the day before he does a concert here. The first time we met, it was [actress] Janeane Garofalo who got us together. We went to Babbo and ordered a magnum of ’96 Sassicaia, and it’s blossomed from there. He’s kind of my big brother in wine. I’ve offered to have him put me to work in Arizona [where he co-owns vineyards]. My dream is to one day make my own wine. It used to be a dream of owning a vineyard in Italy and making my own, but now, after hearing about some of the challenges that Maynard’s endured, I’d be content to make my own wine and let someone else have the headache of ownership. [Laughing]

Other than that, it’s not a particularly interesting read…

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