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Maynard joins Tom Morello, The Melvins new album

According to a recent post on Maynard will be joining Tom Morello on his upcomingNightwatchmen tour:

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello’s alter ego, The Nightwatchman, will kick off a two week tour starting April 15th with special guests in each city, including: Slash, Ben Harper, Perry Farrell, Maynard James Keenan of Tool and Puscifer, Boots Riley of The Coup and more to be announced.

Not exactly sure what the tourdates are, but I’d expect the gig featuring Maynard to be at the Los Angeles date.

The Melvins have announced their new album Nude With Boots which will be released on the 8th of July. The album will feature the same line-up as (A) Senile Animal (ie. with Big Business), and the release should be followed by a tour. Come to Australia this time please!

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15 years ago

I saw on youtube the other day maynard tom morello pete yorn and Serj Tark. singing Where the streets have no name by U2 you could barely hear MJK but it was interesting check it out. If anyone knows what that was about hit me up on TA my screen name is Tooltour93 it used to be Toolfan91 but somehow merch lost my membership and I had to get another and wouldn’t let me use tf91 one costing me an extra 30 bucks the first was 100 oh well

15 years ago

Tom Morello’s MySpace page for The Nightwatchman ( has a few more details about the tour. It does mention Maynard and a couple of other joining the tour, and some dates.

15 years ago


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