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Wine for Sale

A somewhat anonymous reader sent me a link to a Craigslist page which claims to be selling an bottle of Primer Paso Caduceus wine autographed by Maynard. According to the blurb:

I have a full bottle of Primer Paso Caduceus wine autographed red wine.
the bottle was purchased in chandler where maynard himself was signing
it. it is a $70 bottle of wine and will be accepting offers for it. i
can provide pictures of the bottle and you can look at it at the wines
web site. it is EXTEMELY RARE due to maynard only brought ten cases and
will not ever have any more in stock due to its a 2005 and autographed.
very cool bottle and hand painted. not a paper label like the others.
This is the more expensive bottle not the arizona stronghold. It Sold
out very quick. please email me if interested in purchasing the item
and with your offer. i will respond and ship immediatley if needed!
thanks and look forward in hearing from you. I wont even respond to
stupid offers so dont be dumb!

I’m usually pretty wary of Craigslist postings, so purchase at your own risk!

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