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Mackie Osbourne Interview

  • Tool

For those that don’t know, Mackie Osbourne has been involved with creating artwork for the last couple of Tool albums, as well as various bits and pieces released recently (DVD’s and such). You may also know her as the wife of The Melvins guitarist King Buzzo. Today, while surfing the net I can across this interesting interview on She talks about her work in general, and makes a couple of mentions of working for Tool:

Rokko: Do certain musicians tell you what you should be doing and how
their record should look? [I don’t know, I may be completely wrong, but
“California” by Mr. Bungle looks like a compromise between your ideas
and someone else’s?]

Mackie: You’re very perceptive, Mike pretty
much dictated the whole thing – layout, type choices, the sunset image,
the flowers. Adam from Tool always has a very specific idea what he
wants. The Melvins are completely the opposite, they give me complete
creative freedom. Both approaches have produced some really great work
and I enjoy working within the limitations of a very specific direction
as well as working completely without boundaries. Basically, it’s all

I didn’t know she worked on Mr. Bungle’s California. Enjoy!

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